Sunday, August 26, 2007


All the books say I'm not smiling yet... but Mommy and Daddy don't care, they call it a smile anyway because it makes them so happy! (I like to tease them.)

Oh gosh from smile to yawn to gone in under 5 seconds, kinda like Daddy's next sports car!

I like these leather seats, why don't they make my car seat out of this stuff?

It looks a little awkward, but I sure was happy...
Well, was happy, what did you do Aunt Ela? Just kidding, I'm hungry!
Much better now that GreatGrandma has me. I think she's done this before, she's pretty good!
Papa, you lucked out they all got me sound asleep and now you get to enjoy me...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Two weeks old...

I'm not so sure I like sleeping in the afternoon, maybe I'd prefer the park...? Can someone tell my parents when I'm allowed to quit napping every 3 hours :)

I think I'm getting the hang of this little bouncer, but who picked the music? Can someone please turn on the GreenDay lullaby CD?

I see Daddy holding a cell phone just like this, can I borrow yours? I need to call my friends Mia and Lily... (by the way welcome to the world Lily, it rocks!)

Thanks for lunch Mom, you're a much better cook than Dad ever gave you credit for.

Who invited this wild woman? Is she seriously my sister - let me see a copy of the will... No better yet can someone tell her I'm trying to sleep!
Gosh after all that I'm pooped... (pun intended).
Dad, seriously, enough with the camera...

All these pictures sure do wear me out, maybe I will take that afternoon nap.

Monday, August 20, 2007

My first weekend at home.

I went punk rocker for a while with this hair style. I really make Mommy laugh when it goes straight up like this.

Sometimes my neck is strong enough to hold my head up; sometimes I have to improvise...

My aunt Beth & uncle Glenn came from Salem to visit this weekend. It was a good thing Mommy & Daddy were there because aunt Beth was going to take me home!

My cousin Katie came too...

Mmmmm, see Grandma in the background? Maybe that's where I learned that hand trick.

I sure do like to snuggle after I eat.

We thought my "sister" Amanda was coming so I wore an outfit she bought me, but they kept her at work way past one of my bedtimes. See you today sis!

Daddy got a kick out of me falling asleep on his bed since I looked just like he does when he takes a little nap.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Oh a lazy Saturday morning...

Every time Mommy & Daddy change me I give a big yawn and let them know it's time for me to go to sleep!

Aunt Ela held me last night, but she wouldn't give me any of her pizza.

Mommy woke me up this morning to eat and I got to see my first ever hot air balloons. I think I'm ready for a ride.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Grayson at 1 week!

I'm keeping Mommy & Daddy busy with laundry since I went through 6 outfits yesterday. I thought I'd give them a hand this morning... what do you think?

Great Grandma Johnson made me a stuffed animal that I like to sleep with every night, well part of the night at least. :)

Daddy snuggled me up and I slept like a baby. Wait I am a baby...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another day under my belt (I mean diaper).

Hi Aunt Ela - Mommy and Daddy were anxious to get their summertime babysitter in on the action. Summer of 2008 we're going to the zoo, museums, parks, and VEGAS!

I made my first adventure out of town today and headed to Dublin to see Grandpa at work. I'm already excited about trying out the water park and taking a ride on the John Deere tractor. What are you going to do when he asks if he can drive Grandpa?

Daddy gave me another bath this morning and washed my hair really good. I did a lot better this time, but now that I like the water I'm beginning to wonder when Daddy's going to buy another boat - I'M READY DAD!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More pictures... anyone?

Back by popular demand Mr. Grayson Alured Gibson!

"Uncle" Jarrod came for a visit but Grayson was upset that he wouldn't take him out to dance at Brothers!

Hans & Sarah seemed to get along with him quite well. Hans sure does look friendly doesn't he Grayson? Can't wait to visit you in Miami... or Germany... or Brazil. Danke Hans.

My first bath at home. Well a scrub down at least. I think I'll like it better with waterskis on my feet.

I do like when Daddy dries me off.

Mommy sure did take good care of me last night and I treated her to some snuggle time in bed this morning.

Yeah - I love you Mommy!