Monday, May 25, 2009

March, April, May ... we're a little slow!

Boating with "Uncle" Paul on Memorial Day. Check out my wetsuit! I went kneeboarding -- Daddy was SO proud!

Celebrating Mommy's birthday.

My first ever corn on the cob!

Bubble time with Daddy!

Enjoying some of Grandma Smith's birthday cake!

Mommy, Grandma, and I went to the zoo on Mother's Day! I especially liked the monkeys, elephants, and flamingos -- oh, and the statues of the animals!

This is the closest we've ever gotten to getting a "good" picture of Sebastian and I together -- we can never sit still at the same time.

Sitting in an airplane at the Union County airport.

Easter dinner ...

and coloring eggs with Daddy ...

The crazy monkey at Mommy's spring party at work ...

Hanging out with my BFF Lily. We went to the Air Force museum and had a sleepover!

Playing trains with Grandpa ...

Feeding myself yogurt ... yikes!