Sunday, August 3, 2008


I went for my first ever boat ride with "Uncle" Paul today! Here I am with Mommy, Paul, my new friend Daniel, and his Mom Sarah.
I even got to drive the boat! We mostly went in circles, but no one seemed to mind.
Daniel and I both really wanted to drive, so Paul came up with a solution (he's an engineer, so he's really good at that kind of stuff).
I liked to go fast and feel the wind in my hair ...
and splashing in the water with Daddy ...
and just hanging out with Mommy.
But my favorite was just relaxing in the water. This is the life! All I need is my bottle of ... formula (what did you think I was going to say?!).I'm still working on feeding myself.
It's not going so well.
I found out that I LOVE black raspberries!
Geez, Mom. Why do you do this stuff to me?! What's a toga party, anyway?
Do you think I need a haircut? It will be my fourth one already!