Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Boo! My first Halloween!

I dressed up as a baby for my first Halloween -- now give me your candy!
Mom and Dad, look over there ... I think I see a ghost!
Not only is it Halloween, but I also found out today that I weigh 13 lb. 2 oz. and I'm 25 inches tall (well, long, since I can't stand yet!).
Red sky at night, sailors delight! Daddy, can we get a boat?!
Hey, Rocky, you want summa this?
This is fun, Dad, but can we go for a real airplane ride?
Grandpa, is this shirt "froggy" green?

Grandpa, since you live on a lake will you buy me the boat?

My first date with Lily ... we got to stay up really late to watch the OSU night game!
This is the last time Mommy smiled ... she's been crying ever since because she has to go back to work tomorrow ...

Monday, October 22, 2007

Up and at it.

Whew, being a rock star is hard work ... well, it looks like it when mommy and daddy play Guitar Hero!
Okay, Mom ... I'll wear this hat for you one last time before I outgrow it! Geez, are you happy now?
Yikes, my hair is the same color as Mommy's!
I wouldn't be smiling if those elephants were donkeys.

Papa brought me some pumpkins and these things just crack me uP. Hey Uncle Alan, how many of these would it take to equal your 1400 lb one?
It's been a long day. Eat, play, sleep, eat, play, sleep, eat, play, eat, play, and repeat.

Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm keeping Mommy & Daddy busy!

Grandpa Smith came to visit today ... we sure had fun playing!
He even tried to teach me how to sit up!
I discovered a new habit this weekend, much to Mommy and Daddy's dismay. It sure is cute, though!
Another modeling session with Daddy. I'm really learning how to work it!

Grandpa Gibson got a new John Deere. Boy, was he excited to take me for my first tractor ride! It will be even more fun when the tractor is moving!
Great-Grandma Koltenbah always has the perfect touch!

Daddy's little Green Day baby!
My hair is starting to tame down ... almost ...
Grandma Smith and Great-Grandma Johnson just LOVE to fuss over me ...
While Mommy went to the Buckeye game, Daddy started the bad habit of letting me watch the game on TV. He'll probably try to blame it on Grandpa Gibson, though ...