Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas, etc.

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lapse between postings ... I know it's been forever! Hopefully you had a very Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a happy, healthy New Year. Enjoy these pics of Grayson from Christmas, with a few extra favorites slipped in!

I love my bath!
Visits with Santa (Papa)!

Playing with Neve at Christmas.
Bad hair day ...
Christmas Eve at Great Grandma Betty's ...
Christmas morning ...
Enjoying a present from Grandma Smith ...

Grayson's new ride ...

Really enjoying a pear ...
Christmas Day at the other Great Grandma Betty's!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween weekend!

Okay, I'm ready for this Halloween thing ... bring it on!

On second thought, I don't think I want to do this.

Mom had to pin me down to put this thing on.

I don't like this fur in my face!
Whew, I worked up a thirst!
This isn't so bad.
I'm outta here!
I got all sorts of fun presents. Great Grandma Johnson got me one of everything that lights up!
Check out my head gear!
Everyone came out to see me ... here I am with Papa ...
and Grandpa, too!
What a night! I'm exhausted!
This pumpkin isn't as big as Uncle Alan's, but it still feels big compared to me!
I love playing in the leaves ... I want more!
Aunt Ela had her friends over for a bonfire. Papa gave me a private tractor ride beforehand -- pretty cool!
We also went for a hayride.
What a great weekend!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

More fall ... although it feels like summer!

I don't know why Mommy says I look like I'm up to something in this picture ...
We went to the Homestead Harvest at Papa's park. I loved pretending to drive this tractor!
I even wore my John Deere shirt for the occasion!
I really enjoyed the swings!
Uncle Alan came for a visit. I had fun playing in his truck.
And he brought one of his giant pumpkins! Look how big it is compared to my head!
Seriously, did you guys see this thing?!
Hilarious, I tell ya!