Sunday, October 12, 2008

More fall ... although it feels like summer!

I don't know why Mommy says I look like I'm up to something in this picture ...
We went to the Homestead Harvest at Papa's park. I loved pretending to drive this tractor!
I even wore my John Deere shirt for the occasion!
I really enjoyed the swings!
Uncle Alan came for a visit. I had fun playing in his truck.
And he brought one of his giant pumpkins! Look how big it is compared to my head!
Seriously, did you guys see this thing?!
Hilarious, I tell ya!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Check it out ... I can brush my own teeth! I have 10 of them now!
I helped Daddy celebrate his 30th birthday with a brunch at Bon Vie. I loved the balloons!
This is my friend Dylan. We had so much fun riding around in my wagon.
Mommy went to Belgium for a week for work. It looks pretty, but I don't think I'd like that long plane ride. I had fun at home with Daddy.
Mom's work had a fall outing at Leeds Farm. Check out the goats!
I loved this John Deere bike, although my feet didn't quite reach the pedals.
We went on a hay ride through the woods. We saw all sorts of creatures, but I wasn't scared a bit.
I loved driving this tractor. I really didn't want to go home that night.They had SO many pumpkins ... how can I ever choose one?!?!
I want this one! Oh wait, that's Uncle Alan's giant pumpkin. I don't think I could carry it home. It weighs 1260 pounds!
Check out how big I am! Hmm, maybe it's the pumpkin that makes me so big.
I think Papa should grow these at his house!
Here's the whole family with Uncle Alan's pumpkin. He won 3rd prize -- can you believe there are 2 others that are bigger than this?!
I love my Mommy! I think she likes me a little, too!
No more bottles for me! I officially only use a sippy cup now!
This is Uncle Alan's giant squash (I know, I can't tell the difference either)!
I loved playing in this corn teepee. It was my own little house!
Hey guys, can I live here?!
I got to see Great Grammy Gibson, too! She really enjoyed seeing me, so I gave her lots of kisses and hugs.