Friday, October 29, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fun with cousins ...

We spent the weekend with cousins Sebastian and Julian. A few fun pics ...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Grayson's Masterpiece

Grayson worked so hard on this and wouldn't let me look until he was done! I like to call it "Ant Professors" ...

Monday, October 18, 2010

A year in review (aka the longest post in the history of this blog) ...

So I'm not sure how I let this blog thing go, but I decided I should get back on track. And since our last post was this past fall, I think this fall season is the perfect time to start!

It's been a crazy year for us! Brad took a consulting job (while keeping his old job at URE at the same time) doing marketing/communications work for an electricity project in Bangladesh and is currently on his fourth (and probably final) trip. When this trip is over (right before Thanksgiving), he will have spent about 25 weeks of the year there! We have all missed each other terribly, but technology does wonders and we're able to communicate on Skype pretty much every day. Brad is enjoying the work immensely and I have a totally new appreciation for single parents! Thank goodness we have lots of wonderful family and friends nearby to help!

Grayson is growing like a weed, learns something new everyday, and talks like an adult! Now that he's 3 and potty trained (yay!) he's in the preschool room at daycare and loves it -- he has lots of friends, is learning a new letter every week, and goes on lots of fun field trips!

Okay ... so, here's a brief recap of the last year ...

Brad was gone ... it was cold ... Grayson took a music class that he didn't really enjoy ... apparently I didn't take any pictures ...

Brad came home (yay!) and left again (boo!) and I apparently still didn't take any pictures ...

I was super busy with work, getting ready for a Singsations concert, and single-parenting. Grayson and I celebrated Easter with Brad (via Skype) and enjoyed the increasing temperatures. Brad came home at the end of the month and we immediately left for San Diego for a fun-filled vacation with our good friends Matt, Wendy, and Lily. And I took pictures!
We went to NYC for a long weekend to celebrate my birthday! Brad's sister, Angela, came along to help with Grayson so Brad and I could have a little adult time too. We did all the fun New York things -- spent lots of time at the playgrounds in Central Park, went to FAO Schwarz, ate a $25 deli sandwich, and did some shopping. Angela and I saw a really good show called Promises, Promises with Sean Hayes (Jack from Will & Grace) and Brad and I saw American Idiot (based on the album by Green Day), which was amazing! Brad left right before Memorial Day weekend for his 3rd trip to Bangladesh.
Grayson and I went to Salem with the in-laws to celebrate cousin Katie's high school graduation. We were able to catch up with Grammy, cousin Addie, and the rest of the family, as well as meeting new cousin Evie! Grayson took gymnastics lessons through the YMCA, attended his first Columbus Clippers game, and had fun spending time with Grandpa and Catheryn at Indian Lake. I was able to sneak in a Michael Buble concert with my friend Laura!
Brad came home just in time for the July 4th weekend! We spent July 4th with our good friend Lee and Grayson had a ball playing with his niece, Molly. Along with Brad's parents, his sister, and her fiance, Josh, we spent a wonderfully relaxing week on St. Simon's Island, GA. We spent lots of time playing in the sun and eating yummy seafood. We got back just in time to help celebrate Neve's 4th birthday! Grayson took swimming lessons at the Scotts pool and mastered jumping off the diving board by himself! We ended the month with the Stephan family reunion (Brad's paternal grandmother's family), where Grayson got to play with lots of cousins and spend time with his beloved cousin Evie!
Brad was home for the whole month! Grayson turned 3 on August 10 -- he had a baseball-themed party the weekend before and celebrated on the actual day with trips to the zoo, Chuck E. Cheese, and the swimming pool with Mom and Dad! Our present to him was the mother of all swingsets (he's the tiny ant-sized person on the ladder in the picture)! Brad and I saw Wicked at the Ohio Theatre and attended a Green Day concert outside of Detroit. Our friends Matt, Wendy, and Lily moved to Colorado -- we miss them, but are excited for their new adventure and can't wait to visit!
We spent lots of time enjoying the beautiful weather and picking goodies from Papa's garden. Grayson took an art class at the Delaware Arts Castle and attended a soccer skills camp for 3-6 year olds. I attended two OSU football games (one with Brad and one with my good friend Emily). We celebrated my Dad and Catheryn's birthdays at Young's Dairy in Yellow Springs with ice cream and lots of fall fun! I did my first chaperoning for Grayson's class field trip to the Columbus Zoo. Brad headed back to Bangladesh for his final trip on the 24th of the month.
I hosted a brunch for my family to celebrate my Grandma's 87th birthday. We attended one of Neve's soccer games and then headed to the Homestead Park in Hilliard for their annual Homestead Harvest fall festival. We are getting ready for Halloween and spending as much time outside as we can before it gets too cold!